MP Rising: Traditional traditions are coming, will continue: Randeep Surjewala

News 18’s Mahamancha Rising Madhya Pradesh (MP Rising) Congress Madhya Pradesh in-charge Randeep Surjewala said that we have to throw out the thieves and bring back the truth. I am not against advertising. But, if you print fake pages worth Rs 50 lakh each, how will the state run? Here we are talking about Ladli Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana. BJP remembered their sisters after 18 years. Last year lakhs of sisters could not fill their cylinders. What does this mean before the election? You told your dear sister that you will give a cylinder worth Rs.450. Where have you been so far?

Surjewala said, 99.99 percent will not get benefits in Morena, same situation in Bhind. 25 crores were spent on advertisement. Only ten lakh rupees had to be paid if the facility was given. Indian culture has mother cow and also mother Ganga. What does politics have to do with it? There is a difference between the politics of religion and the politics of religion. Religion should not be politicized. The day BJP realizes that. One day everything will be fine. People of this country are traditional. Nimar’s farmers are protesting by being naked, but the farmer is not taking off his clothes. Sanatan Yuga has been and will continue for ages. My faith is a matter of my faith. I will not seek votes for my faith, this is Congress. BJP believes in getting votes.

Politicians should stay away from Sanatan-Uma
Sanatan Dharma means that which is eternal. It’s a ritual. Keep tradition away from politics. Sanatan has to answer Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharg. With freedom of expression you cannot hurt the feelings of others. We lost Karnataka because of our own mistakes. Shivaraj is sitting in every yard. Only BJP will win. Congress has lost its old power. Scindia was the strength of the Congress. He is with us today. I will campaign too. I will ask for votes from house to house. We will win 230 seats.

Poulami Sengupta

Poulami Sengupta is an M.Phil in English Literature and a teacher. She is a voracious reader with a penchant for writing. She aims to make her mark in the media industry.

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