National Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s son Kedarnath Singh passed away.

National Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar Ji’s son Kedarnath Singh passed away today. He was ill for a long time and was undergoing treatment at AIIMS, Delhi. He was 85 years old. The literary world mourned the death of Kedarnath Singh. Many publishing groups and writers, including Rajkamal Prakashan, have paid their respects to Kedarnath Singh.

In the literary world, Kedarnath Singh used to write literature under the pseudonym Kedar. He was the youngest son of national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. He was born on February 13, 1938 in Simria, Begusarai (Bihar). He inherited literary values. Kedarnath Singh devoted most of his life to building a literary and cultural society. An example of this is that he built a huge museum and memorial in the memory of Dinkar Ji at Simria, which, being the birthplace of the national poet Dinkar, has become a cultural pilgrimage site. Even today he is active in literary and cultural development and in giving shape to his creative interests.

Kedarnath Singh wrote poetry, memoirs and other genres. ‘Anka Suraj, Banga Suraj’, ‘Thoda-Thoda Pun, Thoda-Thoda Paap’ (poetry collection); Wrote ‘Simaria-Stavan’ (Poetry-Memoir) and ‘Ankho Me Nachte Din’ (National Poet Dinkar: Intimate Memoirs). His works have become quite popular in the literary world as well.

It is a coincidence that Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s birth anniversary is celebrated on September 23 and just a day before his birthday, his youngest son bid farewell to this world.

(With inputs from Santosh Kumar from Begusarai)

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