Not Lucknow, but the present 250-year-old building in this city of Uttar Pradesh is a symbol of tradition and culture.

Rajat Bhatt/Gorakhpur. There are many places and buildings in the city that are still a reminder of the old civilization and culture. At the same time, old glimpses are also seen in them. This city has many temples and places for people to visit which are very old and their history is also deep.

The carvings on this building and the city clock tower are very special which are about two and a half years old. These buildings and roads of the Chowdhury family are such that even today the people of the city consider them very special. According to family tradition, family members live exclusively in this building even today. This 250 years old building and the current abuse of the city is very special. People living here also live in traditional way.

The Ninth Book Traditions
Chowdhury Pramod Kumar said this is his ninth generation who are following this tradition in this building. These streets and buildings are the heritage and identity of the Chowdhury family. The building was built around 1880 but some of its older parts date back to around 1700 and are still present and standing in the same condition. Pramod said, if the surrounding area of ​​the city becomes a heritage, then this heritage will also be included in it.

What is the specialty of the building?
Age-old swords, dining tables, chairs and doors still remain inside the building, testifying to its history. Also, the building has an 8 inch wall. The dining table and door are made according to the structure of old girls. What is special is that when we come to the street of the building, it is not a paved road, but a brick road that speaks of heritage with the building. Even today the people of the city know it as Chaudhary Goli and of course come here to see the buildings.


First Published: September 22, 2023, 14:48 IST

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