Not only Nexon, Creta, Safari, Scorpio will also be worse! Powerful SUV is coming

New Delhi. SUV sales are increasing rapidly in the country. People are now starting to see this segment as a family car. Due to this, companies are also launching new models of SUVs and facelift models of their already existing vehicles Currently, if we talk about compact SUVs in the market, cars like Nexon and Creta have created a stir. Whereas Safari and Scorpio have established their presence in full-size SUVs But now with these four cars to spoil the market for other cars, an SUV is about to enter the market which will be its second innings to come to India. Earlier it was present in the market as a 5 seater SUV and was in great demand. This car was loved by people because of its looks and performance. But then the company did not launch its new generation in India and its production stopped here. But again its new model will be launched this month.

Here we are talking about Renault Duster. Renault is once again all set to launch the new generation Duster in the market and it is expected to launch the Duster later this month. Along with this, its bookings will also start and the company will start delivering it in the beginning of the new year.

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Three engine options
Now the new Duster will be offered with a petrol engine and the company will offer 2 options. The Duster’s first engine will be a 1.0 liter turbo petrol. This engine will produce 140 BHP of power. The company may also offer it a hybrid engine. This engine will be 1.2 liter which will produce 170 bhp of power. The mileage of the car is expected to be more than 25 kmpl with this engine. As the third engine you will get 1.3 liter petrol engine. This engine will also produce 170 BHP of power.

Brand new design
The company has completely changed the design of the Duster. Now its design will be based on Bigstar concept. The car has been given a bold design and will now be seen in a boxy design. The car features a smooth grille section. The front features LED headlamps in a Y pattern, air intakes can be seen on either side of the front bumper.

What will the price be?
Renault can launch it at a very competitive price considering the increasing competition in the market and existing cars. The new Duster is expected to be priced between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 14.25 lakh. However, so far the company has not revealed the price of the car or given any information about its specifications.

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