Now Mary Kom and Vijendra Singh will also come from Bihar, get free training here

Satyam Kumar/Bhagalpur.The sports environment is changing in Bihar. Young people are working hard for this. Meanwhile, Bhagalpur is constantly raising its flag in the field of sports. The girl from Bhagalpur brought the most medals. The boys here are also not behind to bring medals. But some sports players of the district are not able to build their career due to lack of resources. But now facilities are also being increased in Bhagalpur to increase the level of sports. Now the boxing ring is being repaired. Now Mary Kom and Vijendra Singh also have to leave here.

There were two boxing rings in the district. Which was completely dilapidated. There was a boxing ring in the district school. Which was completely dilapidated. The ring has not been repaired even though several letters have been sent in this regard. But now that ring has shifted to the Sports Complex built by Smart City. In this regard, District Sports Officer Joy Narayan Kumar said, now children will be first in boxing too. Boxing was not practiced in the district for several months. But a boxing ring has been built in Peerpanti, where some children used to practice. But the children around the city did not get this benefit. Due to which the district could not be the first in boxing. The team here was also slowly coming to an end. But now the players can once again try their skills in boxing.

Free training will be available both in the morning and evening
District Sports Officer Joy Narayan Kumar said that children who want to learn boxing. He can come and interact with him at the sports hall. Free training will be provided in the morning and evening. He further said that the government is constantly creating awareness about sports and those who win medals are also given jobs. So now sports are also important. State level boxing championships are also being organised.


First Published: September 23, 2023, 23:58 IST

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