Now there will be no arbitrariness with auto rental in Patna, fixed fare, full rate list here

Satchidananda/ Patna, if you travel by auto in Patna and are annoyed by arbitrary fares, then this news is going to solve your problem. Recently, a meeting was held between Auto Union and Bairia Bus Stand Administration. Auto fares are fixed in it. Bus terminal executive manager Siddharth Harsh Vardhan sent the fare table to Patna Regional Transport Authority for approval. Auto drivers will only charge the fare fixed at the government level after the seal of the authority. We tell you that in this new fare list, the minimum fare from Patliputra Bus Terminal is fixed at Rs.10 for Moderator. You have to pay 40 rupees to go to Patna Junction. Auto unions also say that this table will soon be affixed to every auto.

What is the fixed fare?

If you are coming to Mithapur by sharing from Bairia Bus Terminal, you have to pay 20 rupees. Similarly, Rs 40 for Patna Junction, Rs 40 for Gandhi Maidan, Rs 60 for Airport, Rs 60 for AIIMS, Gai Ghat 20, Mahendru 30, Agamkuwan 15, Gurdwara 25, City Chowk 20, Anisabad 30, Phulwari 40, Danapur . 60, IGIMS 60, Boring Road Water Tank 45, Patliputra Colony and Kurji 50, Digha 60, Rajapur Bridge 50, Income Tax 50, Rajendra Nagar Terminal 25, Kankarbagh Tempu Stand 30, Patliputra Junction 60 and toll 10 Rs.

If you bring a reservation…

If you come to Mithapur by reserving an auto from Bairia Bus Terminal, you will have to pay 200 rupees. Similarly, Rs 250 for Patna Junction, Rs 250 for Gandhi Maidan, Rs 300 for Airport, Rs 350 for AIIMS, Gai Ghat 175, Mahendru 250, Agamkuan 100, Gurudwara 175, City Chowk 150, Anisabad 200, Sentul 200, Stulpur 350, IGIMS 350, Boring Road Water Tank 275, Patliputra Colony and Kurji 300, Digha 350, Rajapur Bridge 275, Revenue 250, Rajendra Nagar Terminal 175, Kankarbagh Tempu Stand 175, a junction at Patliputra will have Rs 350 and Rs 350. .

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