Organized Book Fair in Patna, Rajkamal Publications Organized ‘Book Festival’

Rajkamal Book Festival Patna: Rajkamal Publishing Group is organizing ‘Book Festival’ at Sri Krishna Vigyan Kendra located at Gandhi Maidan, Patna. Rajkamal Book Festival will continue till September 28. During the book festival, besides book exhibition, discussions on books and conversations with authors will also be organized. On this occasion, discussions on important contemporary issues, reporting workshops, reader-writer conferences, essay readings, new book launches, discussions and other activities will be held. Apart from Patna city, many literary people from all over the country will participate in this six-day program.

Veteran writer Chandrakishore Jaiswal will inaugurate the ‘Book Festival’. Ushakiran Khan, Taiyab Hussain, Ramdhari Singh Dibakar, Alok Dhanwa, Shivanand Tiwari and Shivamurthy will be present as special guests. Apart from the inauguration, national pride Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s birth anniversary will be commemorated by reciting his poems. Arun Kamal, Taranand Biyogi, Hrishikesh Sulabh, Vikas Kumar Jha, Udayakant Mishra, Himanshu Vajpayee, Pramod Ranjan, Kumar Varun, Bihag Vaibhav, Parimal Kumar, Tripurari Sharan, Pankaj Rag, Sudipti in various sessions of the program in coming days. , Prabhat Praneet, Prem Kumar Mani, Amarendra Nath Tripathi, Dilip Ram, Manoj Bhakta, Awadhesh Preet, Dr. Vinay Kumar among many literary figures will be present.

Rajkamal Prakashan Group Chairman Ashok Maheshwari said the ‘Book Festival’ series was started in the 75th founding year of Rajkamal Prakashan. This literary journey which started from Bhopal now reached Patna via Varanasi, Patna, Chandigarh, Mumbai.

He said that Rajkamal Publications Group’s determination is to deliver the best literature and knowledge useful books of the country and the world to people of all ages. Organizing ‘book festivals’ is also a part of this resolution. Readers here participated with great enthusiasm in the ‘Book Festival’ organized in Patna last year. The cooperation of literature lovers here has motivated us once again to organize this event. This time we have tried to expand the ‘Book Festival’ by including various activities.

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