People of BRS, AIMIM and BJP are doing natu-natu: Priyanka said in Telangana

Hyderabad. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi hit out at the BRS, BJP and AIMIM for allegedly working together for a common goal, saying people from these three parties are ‘natu natu’ at the moment. He referred to the Oscar-winning song from the blockbuster ‘RRR’ while launching an attack on the three parties for alleged collusion.

Addressing a rally in Asifabad in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district on Sunday as part of the Congress’ campaign for the Telangana assembly elections, Priyanka told the people, ‘BRS, BJP and MIM are playing together. You watch him dance, but don’t vote for him.

He said, ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who uses central agencies against Congress leaders, is not using them to probe the scam in Telangana, where thousands of crores of rupees have been looted from the people. Understand why you are not doing it. Because all three parties are benefiting Modi ji not public.

The Congress general secretary alleged that the BRS was supporting the Modi government at the Centre. He said, ‘He has a third brother, Mim. This party of YAC contests elections in other states in 40, 50 seats and in some places 90 seats, but in Telangana it is contesting elections in only nine seats because they want KCR to win.

Priyanka Gandhi also addressed a rally in Khanapur in Adilabad district. Here he is the Chief Minister. Criticized Chandrasekhar Rao for failing to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Telangana in the last 10 years and urged the people not to give him another chance.

He said that KCR talks about what the Congress government in Karnataka is doing or not doing, but he never talks about what he has done for the people of Telangana in the last 10 years.

He said, after coming to power, Congress will give jobs to two lakh people. The families of those who sacrificed their lives for the state of Telangana will be given one government job each, as it is their right.

Priyanka said it is a shame that farmers are committing suicide in Telangana. He said inflation has increased due to central government policies. GST is levied on petrol, diesel, tractors and other items. Farmers are not able to earn income by farming due to high cost.

He said, ‘Farmers are happy in Congress-ruled states. The income of the people of Chhattisgarh has increased and those who migrated are returning to their state due to employment opportunities. We want the income of Telangana farmers to increase. Congress guarantees MSP for various crops.

He alleged that KCR failed to fulfill promises like farm loan waiver, land distribution, youth jobs and unemployment benefits.

As the leak of recruitment exam question papers dashed the hopes of lakhs of unemployed youth, he promised to release a job calendar with the dates and results of each exam when the Congress comes to power.

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