People were like this 50,000 years ago! Ape-man mixed government

Technologically the world has advanced a lot. There is hardly any field where there is no technology. For some time now, artificial intelligence has taken a big place in human life. With the help of this a person is able to see situations which can only be imagined. If you think, if Mahatma Gandhi was alive today, how would he take selfies with his followers? It can only be seen in imagination. But with the help of artificial intelligence you can see this situation.

Recently, with the help of this artificial intelligence, a man from fifty thousand years ago was found. Yes, no one can say what a person living on Earth looked like fifty thousand years ago. But with the help of AI, humans were able to see this situation. Artificial intelligence has shown what people would have looked like in that era. His picture went viral as soon as it was shared on social media.

Image of a fictional character
Artificial intelligence showed what Hobbits would look like today. The hobbit is considered a fictional character today. Novels and films have been made on it. But it is said that they existed fifty thousand years ago. He was a combination of man and monkey. No one saw them, but their stories grew from generation to generation. If you were alive today, you would have seen it from these pictures.

This is what hobbits looked like in real life

It is mentioned in history
Although no one saw the Hobbit, the AI ​​created a picture of it based on the evidence recorded in history. According to the National History Museum, these human species were very small. His skull was also small. Also, their feet were short and their soles were wide. Although not much is known about his diet, according to experts, he ate meat. Based on all this information, artificial intelligence creates their images and shows them to people. It goes viral as soon as it is shared on social media.

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