People’s leaders of Uttarakhand! Many have played an important role in the movement, do you know how to start the journey?

Rohit Bhatt/Almora. There were many such agitators before the formation of Uttarakhand. Those who fought for the interests of the society without thinking about themselves. The name taken first is that of Dr. Shamser Singh Bishter, also called Jannayak of Uttarakhand. He came into the limelight through student politics and became the president of Almora College in 1972. After that, Shamser played an important role in many movements. The fifth death anniversary of Dr. Shamser Singh Bisht was observed. Where many spokespersons and people were involved.

Be it the Kumaon University movement, movement for water, forest saving movement, Uttarakhand state movement, prohibition movement, no drugs movement, employment movement, he was at the forefront of all the movements related to public issues. Dr. Shamser Singh Bisht also went to jail. He was in jail with his colleagues for 40 days. In 1974, he traveled from Ascot to Arakot for 45 days with three other companions.

Political journey started from 1972
Lok Bahini President Rajeev Lochan Sah said, he was an excellent leader. His political journey started around 1972. He was at the forefront of many movements including the struggle to establish Kumaon University. At that time Dr. Shamser Singh Bisht emerged as a great leader. At that time, Congress had an umbrella rule and he tried to convince Dr. Shamser Singh to join his party, but Shamser Singh strongly disagreed. Rajiv feels that if Shamser Singh Bisht had given him time, he could have reached the post of Chief Minister. But he considered it appropriate to be among the people and to bring forward the public problems of the people.


First Published: September 23, 2023, 18:31 IST

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