Phone, food and… Nirav’s converted prison, know why it’s special, what are the facilities?

London: The whereabouts of India’s most wanted and fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi, who is incarcerated in the UK, has changed as he has now been shifted to a new jail. Nirav Modi has been transferred from Britain’s largest and most overcrowded prison to a privately run prison in London, HMP Tameside Prison. Nirav Modi is wanted in India in fraud and money laundering cases. The new jail where Nirav Modi has been shifted is very special as inmates are allowed to use phones and even order food.

In fact, 52-year-old Nirav Modi was scheduled to appear in a magistrate’s court for a hearing on a £150,247.00 fine imposed by the London High Court in connection with the failed extradition appeal. However, the case had to be adjourned at the last minute in November after Nirav could not appear via video link at East London’s Barkingside Magistrates’ Court for technical reasons.

Till now Nirav Modi was kept in HMP (His Majesty’s Prison) Wandsworth prison, but now he has been shifted to the private prison HMP Tameside, which is said to offer many facilities to its inmates. HMP Tameside Prison is a very high-tech prison and also has inmate telephone facilities. Not only this, inmates also get the facility to order food. In prisons, inmates can talk to their relatives with the help of mobile phones.

The names and contact details of the inmates of these prisons with whom they speak or wish to speak must be given to the authorities. But these inmates do not get the benefit of receiving incoming calls. They can only make calls, but not receive. Not only this, the electronic terminals installed at Thameside Prison are used by inmates to select meals from menus, book appointments and conduct electoral activities.

We tell you that Nirav Modi lost his legal battle in the UK Supreme Court last year against his extradition to India in the estimated US $ 2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) loan scam case. Indian government is trying to bring Nirav Modi to India.

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