Rajnath Singh came forward soon after Vidhuri’s comment, apologizing to Ali

New Delhi. After BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri made offensive remarks against BSP MP Danish Ali in the Lok Sabha on Thursday night, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh stood up and requested the Chairperson to remove the comments from the record of the debate. Rajnath Singh also apologized to BSP MP Danish Ali. On Rajnath Singh’s behavior, Benny Behanan, Congress MP from Chalkudy in Kerala, said, ‘Sir, you have shown magnanimity…’

The record of the debate has now been published on the Lok Sabha website. Chairperson Kodikunil Suresh informed the Defense Minister that Vidhuri’s comments had already been removed. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told the House that he did not hear Vidhuri’s entire speech, but opposition MPs say some of the comments hurt their feelings. In this regard, the Defense Minister told the Chairperson that ‘I would request you to remove such statements from the record… If he has said something that has hurt his feelings, then I am sorry for him.’

Many MPs came out in favor of Danish Ali
Many MPs came to the defense of Danish Ali. DMK MP DM Kathir Anand said Vidhuri “should apologise”, while party colleague Kanimozhi also tried to speak in support of the claim. Congress MP S Jothimani stood up and said, “Sir, it has not been done.” RSP MP from Kerala NK Premachandran said, ‘Sir, it is not enough to delete it (Vidhuri’s comment) from the record.’

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Danish Ali said – How can Vidhuri be allowed to speak like this?
Meanwhile, Danish Ali tries to make his point and questions how Bidhuri can make such comments about him. How dare he say this? Records of the debate now show he said he should apologise. What is it? How can he be allowed to talk like this? Who is he calling… (removed at the direction of the Chairman)? Is there… (excluded by order of the Speaker) in this House? Can… (expelled by order of the Speaker) enter this House?… He should apologise. Ali raised a point of order protesting the widow’s comments around 11 pm. Following this, the Speaker issued a stern warning to Vidhuri and the BJP issued her a show cause notice.

Rahul Gandhi met Danish, demanding his dismissal from Parliament
However, the opposition is demanding the expulsion of the South Delhi MP from Parliament as well as the BJP. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and party general secretary KC Venugopal met the BSP leader and expressed solidarity with him. Later X (formerly Twitter) posted a picture of Rahul Gandhi with Ali in a post saying, ‘Shop of love in the market of hate.’ A day after Vidhuri’s comments, Ali called it a ‘hateful speech’ and demanded the ruling MP’s expulsion from the House.

The people did not send me to parliament to listen to hate speech
He said, it is nothing less than hate speech. This is a hate speech on the floor of the House. Hate speech was being given outside the Parliament but now a BJP MP has given a hate speech in the Parliament. When asked what will be done if no action is taken against the widow, Ali said, I hope the Speaker will take action in this regard. But if action is not taken, with a heavy heart I may think of resigning the membership of this Parliament because people did not send me to Parliament to listen to hateful speeches.

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