Rakhi Sawant took the life of 2 sons! The top actress of the industry made a serious complaint, said – she is evil…

Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant has been in the news for her differences and fights with her estranged husband Adil Durrani. Tanushree Dutt, the once top actress of the Bollywood industry, has jumped into this fight between husband and wife. He spoke to the media along with Adil and made serious and major allegations against Rakhi Sawant. He complained against Rakhi for the death of two sons. He claimed that the two boys committed suicide because they could not fight against Rakhi. He committed suicide after fighting the case for a long time without getting any results.

According to India.com, Tanushree Dutt said, “The old victims did not want to face Rakhi, she spoke very badly about them. There are two cases where two boys died by suicide and a case was also filed against Rakhi, accusing her of abetting suicide.

At the same time, Adil also claimed that the case went on for 4 years but then ended because the parents of the boys could not fight against Rakhi Sawant. Tanushree then called Rakhi a ‘psycho’. He said, “Rakhi is aggressive. He fights like an aggressive man. I noticed that every day Rakhi has a new person to lie to.”

Rakhi Sawant changed religion but could not change herself: Tanushree Dutt

Tanushree Dutt added, “I don’t know where she gets such a man, she is bad. Even after changing so many religions, he could not change himself. I have heard many times that when he realizes he will be caught, he turns away. Suddenly he will become poor and talk about his difficulties.

Adila Durrani made these allegations against Rakhi Sawant

While talking to the media, Adil further alleged that Rakhi tried to kill him. This is not the first time that Adil has said Rakhi can harm him. Earlier this month too, Khan had claimed that Rakhi would be held responsible for any loss to her life. Adil also filed a complaint against Rakhi at the Oshiwara police station.

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