Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Goes Aggressive Before Winter Begins, Launches 20 Drones at Kiev

Kiev. Last night, Russia launched a drone attack on the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Britain’s Ministry of Defense said major changes on Ukraine’s border were unlikely as the war moved into its second winter season. According to a military statement, Russia carried out 20 Iranian drone strikes targeting Kiev, Cherkasy and Poltava regions. At the same time, Ukraine’s anti-aircraft system shot down 15 drones.

Serhii Popko, a spokesman for the Kiev military administration, said it was the second overnight attack in the city in the past 48 hours. He said the drones attacked the city from different directions. Popko said there were no reports of casualties or extensive damage in the attack.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense said on Sunday that major changes to the border were unlikely in the immediate future because neither Russia nor Ukraine had made any meaningful progress in the war.

US MPs, angry with Pakistan, said that military aid should be stopped immediately, this is the reason

On the other hand, according to the information received, America has accused Russia of killing soldiers who disobeyed orders in the war. Kiev claimed 400 died in one day while trying to retake a major city, leaving the Russian army significantly weakened. Kirby said the troops deployed by Russia were ill-trained and unprepared for combat.

America and western countries are continuously supporting Ukraine in the war. The United States recently announced a new $150 million military aid package for Ukraine that includes artillery and small arms ammunition and anti-tank weapons.

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