Sadasati and Dhiya of Saturn are not afraid! Try these 5 remedies, you will get relief

Sarvesh Srivastava/Ayodhya: Saturn is considered a very important planet in Vedic astrology. Shani Dev, the giver of karma, brings both prosperity and destruction in life. It depends on the person’s work what kind of result he will get. Shani is worshiped as the god of justice. It is said that if Shani Dev is happy. So the king first makes and wears the tilak. But sometimes this also happens. When a person also has to face the wrath of Saturn.

But Shani Dev changes his zodiac sign very slowly. They take about 30 years to cycle through the 12 zodiac signs. Not only that, Saturn has been staying in the same sign for almost two and a half years. Due to which a person’s horoscope is influenced by Sadasati and Dhyaya of Saturn.

How to get rid of sadasati
According to astrologers, many times a person has to face physical, mental or financial problems due to Sade Sati. Apart from this, some mistakes in astrology are also explained. If you repeat these, you may have to face the malefic effects of Saturn. In such situations, those who have Saturn’s Sadesati in their lives, can get rid of Saturn’s Dhaiya and Saturn’s Sadasati by taking some measures prescribed by astrology. So let’s know some simple solutions to please Shani Dev.

Please do this to Shani Dev
Ayodhya astrologer Pandit Kalki Ram says many methods are suggested to please Lord Shani. If you want to get rid of Sadesati and Dhyaya of Saturn then these 5 remedies mentioned in Jyotishashastra must be done.

If you also want to get rid of Saturn Sadesati. So donate iron, black sesame, black urad and black cloth every Saturday. By doing this, a person gets many benefits.

Apart from that every Saturday evening Shani Stotra should be recited by lighting a lamp under the Peepal tree. Shanidev was soon pleased by this.

To get the special blessings of Shani Dev one should go to Shani temple every Saturday and take an iron with black sesame seeds in mustard oil and offer it at the feet of Shani Dev. By doing this you will get rid of Saturn’s dhiya and sadasti.

Apart from this, if you worship Hanuman ji according to the ritual. Hence it calms Shani Dev’s anger. So Hanuman Chalisa should be recited daily to appease Lord Shani.

Apart from this, any needy or helpless person should be helped according to their ability on Saturday. Lord Shani is also pleased with this and fulfills all the wishes of the person.
(Note: The information given here is according to astrology, News 18 does not confirm it)

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