Santhi mocktails are famous in Rishikesh, some sour and some sweet mocktails are winning everyone’s mind!

Isha Biroria/Rishikesh: The yoga city of Rishikesh is a sacred pilgrimage site, attracting thousands of people every year. The beautiful tourist spots, ancient temples and ghats here fascinate the tourists. Apart from this, there are many cafes in Rishikesh where ‘mocktails’ are available, but we are telling you about one cafe where the taste of mocktails is different. The name of this cafe is “Santi Mocktail Walla”.

Famous Santi Mocktail vendor in Rishikesh
“Santi Mocktail Wala” is a famous cafe located in Tapobana, Rishikesh. Abhishek says that he has been working in the food industry for many years and has also worked in many big hotels and is a chef by profession. At “Santi Mocktail Wala” you are served a variety of delicious mocktails, some sour and some sweet, and it can bring back your childhood memories. Here you will find fun mocktails like Rose Shikhanji, Purple Pulpy Orange and Poppin Topin.

Great taste at an affordable price
Abhishek says that everyone affectionately calls him “Santi”, hence the name of his cafe “Santi Mocktail Walla”. He started selling mocktails from a stall during the lockdown. At the same time, people liked their taste so much that they opened their own cafe in Tapobane, where you can find these delicious mocktails. Talking about the price, here you will find mocktails ranging from Rs 70 to Rs 150.

Dev, a resident of Rishikesh, says that he often comes here to drink mocktails and he loves the mocktails here. With that, Rajat says that he has had mocktails here many times and he loves the mocktails here.

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