Shivraj government is bringing positive changes in the lives of women and girls.

Rahul Dave / Indore. From his first tenure as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has always done something special for women and girls. Her whole emphasis is on economically empowering women and girls. Ladli Lakshmi is also one such scheme, which is proving to be a boon for girls for the past 16 years. The impact of this scheme is also visible. More than 46 lakh daughters have become millionaires in the state.

It is not just the Ladli Lakshmi Yojana, but the Ladli Brahman Yojana is also bringing significant changes in the lives of women. There are many schemes through which women are becoming financially empowered and self-reliant. What is special is that needy women of every religion and every strata of society are benefiting from this scheme. There are many women in Barwani district whose lives have seen a positive change due to Shivraj government’s schemes.

A similar story of happy change is being witnessed in Gwalior district. Here too the Ladli Behan Yojana is no less than a boon for women. Gayatri, who lives in Gwalior’s Khatik Mohalla, is also availing the benefits of the Chief Minister Ladli Behan Yojana. According to Gayatri, her dream is also about to come true. Gayathri lives with her two children and with the money she gets, she buys a sewing machine and starts her own business. Gayatri thanked the state chief Shivraj Singh Chouhan for this project.

Moreover, to make women financially independent, the Shivraj government is running many schemes like Udyam Kranti and self-help groups. These projects have not only empowered women financially, but are now making many more women self-reliant through their employment.

Poulami Sengupta

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