Shyam Rangela’s nomination rejected, nomination filled from Varanasi, do you know what the comedian said?

Varanasi. Comedian Shyam Rangela’s nomination has been cancelled. He submitted his nomination from Varanasi. Shyam Rangela’s nomination was canceled after the investigation. Shyam Rangela announced the cancellation of the nomination through a tweet on Twitter. His nomination paper was canceled due to errors in the nomination form.

After the cancellation of the nomination, he said it was certain that he would not be allowed to contest from Varanasi, now it has become clear. Hearts are definitely broken, courage is not. Thanks for all your cooperation. Media and well-wishers are requested, please don’t call now, I will continue to provide whatever information is available here, maybe I don’t want to talk now.

Regarding cancellation of nomination, Shyam Rangela said, ‘Many like me, who are contesting the election for the first time, did not know. In such cases, it should be the job of the election officials to inform them of the documents to be submitted. Officials did not say anything. He sent us out with just four receipts, deposit slips. After coming out, it seemed that we had been nominated. When I showed my lawyer, he expressed some concern but there was a time written that the amendment can be submitted till 11 am on May 14th. At night we ran away but got no help. Stand in line in the morning. Around 5 pm it was the turn.

First Published: May 15, 2024, 20:14 IST

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