Sister-in-law loves her father-in-law deeply and sacrifices her innocent son, keeping him alive for two and a half years…

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Bharatpur. The police has exposed the murder of an 8-year-old child that happened about two and a half years ago in Rupwas police station area of ​​Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. The child was killed by someone other than his own mother along with his lover. Surprisingly, the accused mother’s lover is not an outsider either, but her own brother-in-law. The child victim of the murder found them both offensive. In order to prevent the innocent from revealing about their illicit love, the two kill him together. He was later buried in the field.

His family members are shocked after the incident of killing the innocent child came to light. The police have arrested the accused mother and her boyfriend brother-in-law in the murder case. Both are being interrogated. In this regard, the victim’s father filed a case with the police station as a plaintiff. But if the matter was not known, the investigating officer of the case was changed by the victim’s father. After that, the murder was revealed.

The innocent boy looked at both of them in disgust.
According to the police, the murder took place in Chandanpura village. Police have arrested Krishnakanth alias Krishna and his girlfriend Hemlata in this incident. Both are brother-sister and sister-in-law in relation. During the interrogation, it was revealed that there was an illicit love affair between them. For about two and a half years, the woman’s son saw both of them in abusive situations. Because of this, fearing that the matter would be revealed, the woman killed the child along with her boyfriend.

Father changed the investigating officer
Then both of them buried his body in the field. In this regard, the victim’s father filed a case with the police station as a plaintiff. But could not be published. As no action was taken, the child’s father changed the investigating officer through the court. Later the matter was re-investigated. In this investigation the police connected the links and nabbed the accused mother and her boyfriend. He spilled the beans when the police questioned him. At that time, the police arrested both of them. The police are currently interrogating the accused mother and her boyfriend in connection with the murder.

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