Students have developed a special drone for farmers, which will do this work

Nitin Anti/Sonepat. Nowadays farmers are moving away from traditional farming and towards technical farming. And one such technology has been developed by the students of Sonipat for the farmers. Students of Sonipat have developed an amazing drone to help farmers in agriculture. Which will prove beneficial for the farmers in agriculture sector. With the advancement of new technologies, the graph of crop diseases is also increasing, keeping in mind the students have developed this special drone.

Students of Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University, Murthal, Sonipat have developed a low-cost drone to help in agriculture. The development of these drones will revolutionize agriculture. This drone will use robotics technology to detect damage to trees, leaves and crops. This drone robotics will work on this technology to find out why crops and leaves are being destroyed. Thinking about this, he will create a database that farmers will know the reasons for the loss of trees and crops.

School students prepared the drone

Three students of Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology have succeeded in achieving another milestone in agriculture with the help of science. The drone was created by students named Vansh Tarun and Suhana, who are studying in the university. The students who developed this drone named Tarun and Vansh said that they have developed a low-cost drone to work in agriculture. At present there are millions of drones available in the market which are beyond the reach of farmers. Keeping this in mind, he has developed a drone that can be built for just Rs 20,000. The drone he built costs around Rs 20,000. Some of its parts are procured from outside and some parts are prepared by themselves. Currently this drone can fly for only 10 minutes and they are also installing a GPS system in it which will make this drone more useful. .. The university administration also helped the children to improve their technology. Appreciating the hard work of the students, University Vice-Chancellor Prakash Singh. The Vice-Chancellor said that this would add a new chapter to agriculture and farmers would save their crops from getting damaged.


First Published: September 23, 2023, 17:43 IST

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