Successful research on BAU rice, wheat and betel! Farmers will get this benefit

Satyam Kumar/Bhagalpur. Bihar Agricultural University is doing new research every day. BAU has also developed many new varieties of seeds to revolutionize agriculture. In this context, while doing an in-depth review of research, Vice Chancellor Dr. D.R. Singh said that a total of 90 studies have been conducted. Among these, two new species and three technologies also received a lot of publicity. He said the new variety of paddy, Sabur, has been described as Ayush variety of paddy and wheat which is very beneficial for the farmers of Bihar. At the same time, he said, three new agricultural technologies have also been introduced to the farmers, including microbial decomposition of agricultural residues, Sabur feed block for distribution to dairy cows and post-harvest disease management technology in Magahi pan. Bihar.

Sabur, new variety of paddy, Ayush variety of paddy and wheat will be beneficial for the farmers. The most important thing is that this variety of rice will not require much water. This paddy will be ready in 130 to 140 days. This will yield approximately 60 to 70 quintals per hectare. Even with less fertilizer and water, there will be more yield. This will increase the income of rice farmers. Farmers will benefit a lot from this.

This technology will be beneficial for farmers
We tell you that Sabur Paddy will now be cultivated in Bihar. At the same time, Maghi Pan is considered a specialty of Magadha. Technologies have been developed to ensure that no insects remain after harvest. Farmers will benefit from it. The Vice Chancellor dedicated this new breed and technology to the farmers of Bihar. He said, it will be very beneficial for the farmers.

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