Tawadu Municipality aims to catch 1600 monkeys! So much money will be spent, know the complete plan

Qasim Khan/Noah. Residents of Tawadu town in Nuh district are now going to get relief from the menace of monkeys. The municipal administration has started an operation to catch the monkeys. The municipal administration is planning to spend 20 lakh rupees for this.

Tawadu Municipality has set a target of capturing around 1600 monkeys. It will cost about 20 lakh rupees. Rashid, Junior Engineer of Tawadu Municipal Administration, said that the residents of the city are in a lot of trouble due to the fear of monkeys. To get rid of this problem, the city residents have requested several times. A good number of monkeys are also seen in government buildings, but now the municipal administration has made concrete arrangements for it. As per the rules, a tender process has been taken up by the administration. Whereas to catch 1600 monkeys from the city will cost around 20 lakh rupees. For this, two teams have started working, who are working to catch monkeys by placing cages in different places.

There is a plan to release the monkeys in Sariska forest
Monkeys caught under this drive will be released at Sariska Wildlife Center in Alwar. For this coordination has been done with the Sariska Wildlife Management Team. Complete procedures will also be followed while releasing the monkey. During the monkey rescue in Sariska forest, a police personnel and a municipal employee will also be present for surveillance, which will also be videographed. The team that caught the monkeys was given up to 2 years. Within this time limit, all the monkeys from the city must be caught and released in Sariska.

You will get relief from the fear of monkeys
All in all, the city dwellers are going to get rid of major problems. For a long time, the streets and government buildings of Tawadu have a large number of monkeys. Where their terror is clearly visible. Residents of the city have been affected many times. In the past too, a woman fell from the roof and died due to fear of these monkeys. Still dozens of children and old people have been attacked by monkeys.


First Published: September 24, 2023, 00:00 IST

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