The 1967 big hit, the actress removed the poster of the film before its release because it was hard to believe after hearing it.

New Delhi. Sharmila Tagore, the famous actress of 60-70s, needs no introduction today. In many of his brilliant films, he has played such roles that people have not forgotten him even today. Many popular actresses of her time had many hits in their careers like ‘Aradhana’, ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’, ‘Chupke-Chupke’, ‘Anupama’ and ‘Amanush’, but in 1967 ‘An Evening in Paris’ , it was very difficult for the actress to do so.

You have often heard the story of Sharmila Tagore and Pataudi Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan’s relationship. It was one of the most loved Bollywood couples of that era. Their love story is still heard by people’s mouths. But the marriage of the two was not so easy. At that time people started betting on the two of them that their pairing would not last long. Sharmila had to change a lot because of their different religions. It was not easy for an actress of that era to find Mansoor’s love and get married. Once a poster of one of his pictures had to be removed.

After 11 films flopped, then fortunes brightened with 1 blockbuster, Dharmendra took a big step for his son.

The actress removed the poster fearing her mother-in-law
Sharmila herself said this in an interview. Sharmila wore a bikini for a scene in the 1967 film ‘An Evening in Paris’. Even before the release of the film, her mother-in-law was visiting her in Mumbai and at that time there were bikini posters of Sharmila everywhere in Mumbai. Fearing mother-in-law Sajida, she spoke to the producer and personally removed all the posters, so that she would not come back and see the daring poster of the film.

Lived life on my own terms
In her interview, Sharmila Tagore also revealed that she had no qualms or restrictions on wearing the clothes she wanted. But in that film she did a bikini shoot and her U shoot was very much talked about at that time, so she was not at all prepared for what mother-in-law Sajida Sultan would say when she saw the poster of the film. ‘Evening in Paris’? Fearing this, he removed most of the posters in the city.

We tell you that at that time people started reacting badly to this shoot of Sharmila. Sharmila herself was very upset as to why people were not liking this poster. It is also said that the actress herself suggested this photo shoot.

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