The dog would sit in the same spot every night asking for food, the restaurant staff changed his life

The relationship between humans and animals is very deep. Animals just need love. If he is given love, he can even give his life for another person. This is especially true for dogs. If you feed a dog once, it can enslave you for life. He will always remember that you filled his stomach. He will return it by expressing his loyalty to you.

One such story of a dog is going viral on social media. This dog has been named Subway Sally. This dog used to sit at the door of the same Subway chain every day waiting for food. The first time he came in the door, the staff handed him a sandwich. After that, he comes at the same time every night and asks for food. Chain employees made a video of it and shared it on social media, from where it went viral.

He has been doing this for a year now.
This cute dog has been spotted coming to the subway for a year. His coming is timed. He comes only at night. The restaurant owners also pampered him and gave him food every day. People like this love and kindness a lot. Staff named the dog Subway Sally. A video of Subway Sally asking for food sitting at the same place for a year was shared on social media by an employee of the restaurant itself. When he looked at his posts the next morning, he found that both had gone viral.

Sally touches people’s hearts

I got to know this fact
The bond between Sally and the staff is going viral. It is later revealed that Sally actually has a house. But its owners are very poor. Because of this he could not take care of Sally. One day when Sally found food at Subway, she started coming there every day. After this video went viral, animal charities also came forward to help Sally. Now because of Sally, these charities have come forward to help many animals.

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