The fugitive Nirav Modi was sent to a private prison in London, why this decision had to be taken?

London: Fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi has been shifted to a private prison in London. It is the largest and most populous prison in Britain. This information was reported on Thursday. He was previously held in Wandsworth Prison in south-west London. From where terrorist Daniel Khalif escaped recently and a manhunt was launched to nab him and now he has been caught and sent back to jail.

Nirav is wanted in fraud and money laundering cases in India. Nirav, 52, was due to appear at the Magistrates Court for a hearing on the £150,247.00 fine imposed by the High Court in London in connection with the failed extradition appeal process. However, the case had to be adjourned at the last minute in November after Nirav could not appear via video link at East London’s Barkingside Magistrates’ Court for technical reasons.

“He was transferred from HMP (His Majesty’s Prince) Wandsworth to HMP Tameside as part of an internal transfer, which the court was not aware of until today,” a court official said. For him. It was reported that Nirav was transferred after this incident.

Britain’s Justice Minister Alex Cheek told the media earlier this month that 40 inmates had been moved from the prison after a security breach. It now appears that Nirav was among those 40 inmates and is now being held at Tameside Jail in South West London, which is said to hold more inmates. However, the level of security in prisons will remain the same.

Nirav last year lost his legal battle in the UK Supreme Court against his extradition to India in connection with the estimated US$2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) loan scam case.

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