The Gazetteer will tell about Bareilly’s journey from 1911 to 2023

Part Kumar Mathur/Bareli: Bareilly in UP has undergone many changes since the British period. Bareilly changes are also updated in official reports. But now the new Gazetteer of Bareilly is being prepared in Hindi. The work has started by forming a gazetteer committee of 15 members under the leadership of DM on the instructions of the government. The committee formed after that has also started collecting the necessary documents.

According to officials, the Bareilly Gazetteer was first published in 1911 during British rule. So far there have been many changes in each area and some are in the works. With this, Bareilly is now embarking on its journey to become a smart city. After that, the government has decided to make a new gazetteer. This new gazetteer in Hindi will contain authentic information. Where the gazetteer will have geographical, cultural and social information along with the pictures. After the creation of this gazetteer, it will be used mostly by officials and politicians as well as researchers, tourists and industrialists.

A departmental committee has been constituted

Bareilly District Gazetteer Preparation Committee constituted. District Magistrate of Bareilly is the chairman of this committee. Where there are CDO Secretary, Additional District Judge, SSP, ADM Finance, Divisional Forest Officer, Chief Engineer Irrigation Division, Chief Engineer PWD, DIOS-BSA, District Informatics Officer, DSTO, Social Welfare Officer, District Agriculture Officer and General Manager District Industrial Centre. Has been made a member of the committee.

Gazetteer will be made in Hindi language

This new gazetteer will contain detailed and interesting authentic information about Bareilly. After preparing its construction details in Hindi, the data will be prepared in digital form and made available to the State District Gazetteer Office for publication. Jag of CDO Bareilly informed that the new Gazetteer of Bareilly will be made in Hindi language. For which instructions have come from the government. The gazetteer will be prepared within the stipulated time as per the instructions of the government and then the gazetteer will be sent to the government in digital form.

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