The husband went to Oman, then his wife had breakfast, the father-in-law tied the son-in-law to marry!

Shahjahanpur. A strange incident has come to light from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Here the husband is harassing the in-laws to get married after going abroad. Because of this, the victimized woman has been knocking at the door of her in-laws for the last 4 years to get her husband. On reaching the in-law’s house, the husband’s family was locked and stunned. The police have panchayated the matter, but no solution has been found yet. The incident took place in the Mohammad Joy area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThana Chowk Kotwali, where a woman resident of Hardoi was keeping watch with her children at the gate of her in-laws’ house these days.

For three hours at night she sits at the door of her in-laws’ house and waits for her husband. But the husband is not taking care of the wife and children, neither are the in-laws. In this regard, the police panchayat both sides, but there is no solution yet.

The woman is waiting for her husband

actually, Hardoi The victim was married 4 years ago to a man named Junaid, a resident of the area. After a month and a half of marriage, Junaid went abroad to Oman and started working there. At that time the victim became pregnant and started living in her mother’s house. When she came to her father-in-law’s house after giving birth, her brother-in-law, Abdullah, started plotting against her. Apart from wronging her, he offers her marriage. Not only that, the in-laws provoked Junaid against Mubaswira.

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Because of this, Junayed stopped talking to his wife. Whenever he goes to his in-laws house, his in-laws lock the house and run away. In such a situation, the victim approached the police and approached the panchayat, but so far no solution has been found in the matter. Currently, the victim woman has once again appealed to the police to resolve the issue.

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