The work of this idol dealer was destroyed by the flood, not a single idol was sold

Deepak Pandey/Khargone. With the arrival of festivals like Ganesh festival and Navratri, the work of sculptors begins. They start making idols before 7 to 8 months. Thousands of idols have to be made for this work, which also costs money. Many times sculptors have to take loans for this work. After months of hard work, these idols are made and sold in the market, from which common people buy. All these money sculptors earn through a kind of financial struggle, which they use to pay off debts and support their families. However, today we are discussing about an artist who has created more than 1500 sculptures, but none of his sculptures have been bought so far.

Idols made on loan
He is sculptor Hira Kashyap, a resident of Mandalashwar in Khargone district. Hira has been making sculptures for the past 25 years, which is how she and her family earn their living. He especially made idols of Lord Ganesha and Mother Durga, made from Plaster of Paris (POP). This year he has made more than 150 idols, big and small, but so far he has not been able to sell a single idol. Buyers refused to buy the idols and those who had already placed orders are now demanding their money back.

Happiness was swept away by the flood
Hira Kashyap’s eyes were filled with pain. He said that he and his team of 7 to 8 members were engaged in the construction of the statue for the last 6-7 months. When the idols were ready for sale, the gates of the dam were opened before the sale, causing flooding in the Narmada river. This flood water entered his house and factory and destroyed all the Rakhi idols, big and small. Now only the work of abandoning these idols is left.

There is a loss of seven lakh rupees
Hira explained that he had taken a loan for the construction of the idol and this loan was to be repaid from the sold idol. But as the idols were not sold as they were destroyed, they suffered a loss of around 6 to 7 lakh rupees. These idols included idols of Ganeshji and Maa Durga. Now they face a big challenge to repay the debt and manage their family. They say that due to the destruction of the idol, their household items including food items have also been destroyed and are no longer of any use.

Appealed for help
Heera said that for so long he has not received any help from the government. Even no official came to know their condition. Municipal President Biswadeep Maide certainly came, but left with assurances. Now Hira has appealed to the government and administration for help, so that she can feed her children and family twice a day.

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