There will be no protest in Agra Collectorate now, DM has issued instructions

Harikant Sharma/Agra:So far, many political parties and organizations have protested at the Agra Collectorate premises to register their protest over their demands. But now no protest or sit-in will be allowed in the Agra Collectorate premises. Now Agra district official has identified Sanjay Palace Shaheed Smriti Park for all these works. That is, if you want to protest or protest your demands, you have to do it at the Agra Shaheed Memorial. After arriving at the scene, the officers will also take a memorandum from you. Agra District Officer Bhanu Chandra Goswami issued this order on Tuesday.

It is believed that for a long time the City Magistrate and Inspector-in-charge of LIU were observing that protests and sit-ins of political parties, social organizations and others at the Agra Collectorate complex were causing problems to complainants and accused. In Collectorate Complex. The traffic system is affected. In view of this, the report was submitted to the Agra District Officer and he issued an order that now there will be no protest or dharna at the District Headquarters Collectorate premises. The Sanjay Palace Martyr Memorial has been designated for this.

Jam on MG Road due to protest
Whenever there was a procession, demonstration or protest of any social organization or political party at the collectorate premises of the district headquarters. A large number of laborers used to come, resulting in a jam situation on MG Road every day. The masons had to face a lot of problems due to lack of suitable parking space on MG Road. There were also obstacles in government work. The litigants who came to the Collectorate for their work also faced problems. Now there will be all kinds of protests at Agra Shaheed Memorial.

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