These countries were once present on the map of the world, now no trace can be found.

There have been two world wars in the world so far. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has been dubbed World War III by many. But it has not been officially announced yet. The two countries fought to show their power. When a country thinks it can control another country by suppressing it, it attacks. Where the vulnerable Sesha jumps into the flames of war to save her reputation. But history has shown that no war benefits anyone.

There are many countries in the world which have lost their name due to this war. These countries were once mentioned with pride. Many people lived here. An entire civilization existed in these countries. But with time they lost their existence. Now this country is not on the map. Nobody had a clue and these countries disappeared from the map. Today we are going to tell you about such countries. These countries were once But now their mention is limited to history books only.

History is made
Various events are constantly happening in the world. People remember these events for their common sense. But many things happen that no one knows about. Recently, seven countries disappeared from the world map and nobody even knew about it. Many times new countries are formed after partition. Like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India were formed after partition. The same ends in many countries. Seven such countries now exist only in history books.

The names of these countries were once very famous

You must have heard the name
You must have heard the names of the seven countries we are talking about at some point or another. At one time these countries were famous for certain reasons. But now they don’t exist. The countries we are talking about are Prussia, the Republic of Texas, Yugoslavia, Vermont, Czechoslovakia, the State of Hawaii, and Gran Colombia. These countries have ceased to exist today. All these countries are included in other countries. People living in these countries are now called citizens of other countries.

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