This bike from the 70s is making a comeback! Once called Mileage King

New Delhi. The 70s were when only a few imported motorcycles or pre-independence British ones were visible in the country. Motorcycles from companies like BSA graced the garages of a few rich people during this period and the Royal Enfield Bullet () being a heavy and low mileage bike was limited to only a select few. Then came the time of change, a new motorcycle came and it was easy to ride, it had less weight and it used a new carburettor design, due to which people went crazy for this motorcycle. Not only in the city, but also in the countryside, people used to wait for months to get this motorcycle. The look of this bike has also undergone a lot of changes, starting with a design that is still sleek and still seen on everyday motorcycles.

Here we are talking about Rajdut. The full name of this bike which became famous as Ambassador was Ambassador Excel T. Once considered a proud ride on the country’s roads, this motorcycle has been around for over 30 years. This bike is developed in partnership between Xcort and Yamaha. After that, other Yamaha motorcycles also came to the country. The Ambassador is being talked about today as there is talk that this bike known as the Queen of the Road is all set to make a comeback. Although now Xcort only manufactures tractors and other commercial vehicles, now there are reports that the Ambassador is being prepared with new designs and technologies.

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Although the company is yet to make any official statement regarding the launch of the Ambassador, but according to media reports, this motorcycle will be showcased in the coming year and then it will be launched and deliveries will also begin sometime. Let us tell you why this motorcycle was so special and how people went crazy over it.

Engine equipped with excellent technology
For the first time the bike uses a two channel carburettor. That means the mixture of air and petrol was perfect and the bike gave excellent mileage. It used a 173 cc engine which was light and quite peppy. The pickup of the bike was very good due to its light weight. Also, it had a lot of power due to having a two-stroke engine, which made it a perfect ride to ride on any road, rough or paved. The bike had a 13 liter petrol tank, due to which it was capable of giving a mileage of up to 700 km on a full tank.

What will change now?
The new Ambassador will feature a completely redesigned 250 cc four-stroke engine. It will be liquid cooled which will improve the performance of the bike. Besides, its mileage will also increase significantly. Now the bike will also have many latest features. It will have many features like digital display, navigation, drive analytics, mobile charging, sleeper clutch.

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