This city became the ‘rat capital’, the body became like a human child

Rat terror is seen in many cities around the world. Rats have created panic in many countries during the lockdown. In big cities, they are often seen wandering around in search of food. Sightings of mice are not a cause for concern, but the way these mice have grown in size in recent times has become a cause for concern. Gradually the size of the rat is equal to the human child.

In the dustbin of the city, next to the railway tracks, these rats find a suitable place to live. Rats breed well in these places. Because they have food readily available. But now their number is increasing rapidly. Also they are getting bigger. As their size increases, so does their courage to enter the house and find food for themselves. Recently, in New York, which is called the rat capital, people have seen a four-foot-long rat.

The body has grown like a human child.

Occupying fast
Although these rats can be found in almost all countries of the world, New York City has become their capital for some time. Yes, New York has come to be known as the rat capital. A few days ago a report came out that there are thirty million rats in this city. That means there are five rats for every person living in the city. But now the new statistics show that their number has decreased. According to new statistics, the number of these rats is now said to be three lakh. But now a new problem has arisen.

increase in size
The size of some rats seen in New York has surprised people. Rats have recently been seen here, which were over four feet in size. Anyone can be scared by the sight of these fat rats. These super rats are said to be breeding fast. They get food easily and only breed after filling their bellies. Due to this, their number is increasing rapidly. Recently one such rat was caught and its picture was shared on social media, from where it went viral.

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