This earth’s ‘twin’ planet, there is 1 day in 8 months, start sweating when you know the temperature!

You must know how strange our solar system is. There will be many things about space, the solar system and its planets that are beyond your knowledge even today. Today to enhance your information, we are going to tell you about a planet (Earth’s twin planet) which is considered to be Earth’s twin planet and here it is 1 day and 8 months more than Earth. Can you tell about this planet with so much information?

We are talking about Venus. According to a NASA report, Venus (Information about Venus in Hindi), is the second planet from the Sun and Earth’s neighbor. This planet is also called Earth’s ‘twin’ planet. This is because in terms of size and density this planet is almost equal to Earth, although not two identical twins, there are some differences between them. You will be surprised to know that even though Mercury is closer to the Sun, Venus is hotter. The temperature of Venus is up to 475 degrees Celsius. The air pressure on Venus is 90 times greater than on Earth, similar to what you would experience if you went deep into the ocean.

The temperature of Venus is very high. (Image credit: Canva)

How many days in a year?
Now we tell you how many days there are in a day compared to Earth. You must know that a day on earth is 24 hours. But Venus rotates very slowly on its axis. Because of this, a day on Venus is 243 days longer than on Earth (how many days is a day on Venus). That means when you complete 243 days on Earth, Venus will have one day. But this planet revolves around the Sun faster than the Earth. Because of this, there are only 225 days in a year.

This planet is poisoned!
From this you can deduce that a day on Venus is 5,832 hours. The surface of Venus is solid. There are volcanoes, mountains, trenches and many plateaus. The most surprising thing is that this planet is also poisonous. There is always a thick fog of sulfuric acid, which makes the planet smell like rotten eggs.

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