This farmer has grown 16 varieties of wheat in one field! 20 lakhs earned in the first year

Sea: Farming is constantly being experimented with. Akash Chaurasia, a young farmer from Sagar, is also cultivating 16 endangered varieties of wheat. Due to which their seeds are being saved. To save them from extinction. Secondly, these seeds are also good for soil, environment and human health. So thirdly, we are earning good income by cultivating them. Also many of them are sugar free. Some contain gluten. Some are rich in protein. Some also have fiber. Also, their prices range from 7000 to 14 thousand rupees per quintal.

Cultivation of these 16 varieties of indigenous wheat
Akash is doing organic farming on about 12 acres of land. Among them are black moustache, Sona-Mukta or Pitambar, Khapli, Kathia, Banshi, Basanti, Pratap, Sarjana, Malbika Basanti, Sarvati, Motibasin, Hansraj, Sri, Khaira, Nilambar. He gives seeds to the cultivators so that they can cultivate. Teaches how to make seeds. And to show its demo, he also planted all types of wheat in one of his fields.

Prime Minister has also given respect
Multi-layer farming was also modeled by Akash Chaurasia. He is called the father of this model. In 2018, he was awarded the Yuva Mitra Award by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Akash explains that indigenous seeds are the heritage of Indian agriculture. In the last 50 to 60 years, the use of these seeds in agriculture has been declining. Because of which they are on the verge of extinction today. These seeds have natural properties, which are very beneficial for our health. The properties present in it provide complete nutrition to the body and keep it away from diseases.

It is a specialty of endangered wheat
Akash is working with 16 types of wheat. These include paddy stick or black mustache with a yield of 15 to 18 quintals per 3 water per acre and a market price of around Rs.7000 per quintal. This species is gluten free, high in fiber and best suited for constipation.

Sona Moti or Pitambar 4 water yields 20 to 22 quintals per acre and the market price is around Rs.8000 to 14000 per quintal. This variety is sugar free. It is rich in magnesium and iron. It is a suitable breed for diabetics.

Khapli wheat yields 14 to 16 quintals per acre in 3 waters and its market price ranges from Rs 9000 to 13000 per quintal. This species is rich in fiber, protein and calcium. It has low glycemic index which lowers the sugar level.

Banshi wheat yields 12 to 15 quintals per acre in 3 waters and the market price is Rs 6000 to 7000 per quintal. This species is rich in fiber, calcium, protein. Also, there is very little gluten, which helps digestion a lot.

Kathia wheat which yields 15 quintals per acre with only 2 water and market price is Rs 5000 to 7000 per quintal. This type of porridge is special. This species contains beta-carotene. Produces vitamin A and contains more protein.

Basanti wheat which yields up to 20 quintals per acre in 4 water. The market price is Rs 4000 to 5000 per quintal. This species is rich in gluten. This variety is suitable for making bread, simaya etc. Apart from these, Basanti, Pratap, Sarjana, Malvika Basanti, Saravati, Moti Basin, Hansraj, Sri, Khaira, Nilambar wheat are also rich in medicinal properties. They also get very good ratings.

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