This man brought new dimension to women’s wrestling, training Sakshi Malik

Dhirendra Chowdhury/Rohtak, Haryana wrestlers are famous all over the world. There is no wrestling competition where wrestlers from Haryana have not defeated the players of the opposing team. Simply put, Haryana’s wrestlers are unmatched. In this episode, today we are going to introduce you to one Dronacharya of wrestling, who gave a new dimension to women’s wrestling not only in India but all over the world and contributed the most in making Haryana a factory of women wrestlers.

Ishwar Dahiya is the name of the wrestling coach who dedicated his entire life to promote women’s wrestling. Even after retirement, when most veterans think of taking a break, Ishwar Dahiya still trains women. He has been sick for a long time, but despite this he does not stop or tire. He has only one passion and that is to win gold for his country in Olympics.

He has also become the Guru of Sakshi Malik and Suman Kundu.
Ishwar Dahiya is the coach who started women’s wrestling at Chhotu Ram Stadium in Rohtak. Be it Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik or Commonwealth winner Suman Kundu, she has trained hundreds of women wrestlers. Those who trained from Ishwar coaches and today there is no government initiative in the country where international level wrestlers trained from Ishwar coaches are not working. Since his retirement, he has been teaching girls wrestling at the University of MD, although his health does not allow him, he still visits the wrestlers to practice regularly morning and evening.

Be proud of your father’s thoughts and actions
Ishwar Koch’s son Deepak Dahiya and daughter-in-law Anjavi Hooda said that father’s passion for wrestling was unmatched. He spent every moment of his life for wrestling and always had a pang in his heart to give the country an Olympic title. Must get gold medal. At a time when no one could even think of bringing girls to wrestling in an ordinary town like Rohtak, she taught wrestling to girls at the Chhotu Ram Stadium and faced a lot of criticism for it. She is proud to be the child of a father who paved a new path for women. Hundreds of wrestlers taught by him have hoisted the country’s tricolor at the international level.

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