This person left Assam on a bicycle to meet Modi-Yogi, know what the goal is!

Gulshan Kashyap/Jamui: People have amazing faith in their religion. Some do puja, chanting, penance etc. for their religion and some get busy in preaching the religion. But there is one man who has left home and traveled thousands of miles for the sake of his religion. This person did not use any vehicle or any other electronic equipment for the journey but completed his journey only by bicycle.

In fact, Kajol, a resident of Assam’s Gareshwar, went on a one-day cycle trip to Lucknow and Delhi. This Kajal Day has started with the aim of protecting and promoting Sanatan Dharma. He has been traveling continuously by bicycle since September 3 and reached Jamui on Saturday.

Kajal De wants to talk about saving traditional culture

Kajal De, a 55-year-old resident of Assam’s Goreshwar, left for Lucknow and Delhi on a bicycle. Kajal Dey said that first she will go to Lucknow by bicycle, where she will meet Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. After that we will leave for Delhi. Where the Prime Minister of the country will go to meet Narendra Modi. Although he had not made an appointment to meet the two leaders, he was sure he would meet them if he heard of the visit.

The purpose of my visit is to maintain brotherhood and harmony in the country.

Kajal Dey said, this country is ours and it is our responsibility to protect this country, develop mutual love and brotherhood and create a harmonious environment. So people should contribute to the service of the country. At this time, he also promised the local people to protect traditional religion.

He said that two months ago he decided to travel by bicycle and started the journey on the 3rd of this month. Every day they start their journey early in the morning, which lasts till evening. Then wherever they reach, they camp there. After a night’s rest they started again the next morning. Reached Jamui after cycling continuously for last 19 days.

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