This place is very mysterious, 20 thousand people are missing, ghosts are heard and UFOs are seen!

The Mysterious ‘Alaska Triangle’: The mystery of the ‘Alaska Triangle’ is still unsolved. The place is also known for alleged sightings of UFOs, ghosts and Bigfoot, as well as the unexplained disappearance of over 20,000 people. The History Channel says the region has more unsolved missing persons cases than anywhere else in the world.

A new Discovery Channel documentary has interviewed witnesses to some of the mysterious UFO sightings, the Daily Star reports. One of them, Wes Smith, said he saw ‘very strange’ triangular objects that did not move like known aircraft. The mysterious vehicles flying at low altitude were completely silent and didn’t even make drone-like noises.

UFO sightings in Alaska

Where Wes Smith saw this amazing sight. Another man, Michael Dillon, who lives just 11 miles away in Alaska, captured the mysterious plane on his camera. That plane was like a UFO. The mystery of the Alaska Triangle is not limited to the sky. Since the 1970s, more than 20,000 unexplained disappearances have been reported in sparsely populated areas from Utkiagvik on the north coast to Anchorage and Juneau in the south.

What causes people to disappear?

UFO abductions, a Bigfoot-like creature called a Wendigo, and magnetic anomalies have been blamed for human disappearances. Experienced rescuers sent to investigate several missing persons cases in Alaska have reported hearing ghostly voices and becoming disoriented.

‘Something Strange Happening in Alaska’

Whether some unknown physical phenomenon is responsible for the lights seen in the Alaskan sky remains a mystery. ‘They can go wherever they want,’ said Debbie Ziegelmeier, star team investigator for the UFO research organization MUFON. That’s the charm of Alaska.’ Another researcher, Johnny Enoch, said something strange is clearly happening in the ‘Alaska Triangle’.

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