This restaurant in Dehradun offers Dubai-Turkish style shawarma rolls.

Hina Azmi/Dehradun. There are many types of food available in the capital city of Dehradun. Many varieties like Dubai Style Shawarma Rolls, Turkish Style Shawarma Rolls, Cheesy Paneer Shawarma Rolls are available at ‘The Shawarma King’ in Dehradun. As soon as the evening falls, a crowd of people who like to eat shawarma gathers here. People come from far and wide to eat shawarma in this shop.

Shifted to Dehradun in 2016

Restaurant owner Arvind said he hails from Mussoorie in Dehradun but used to work in Delhi. In 2016, he moved to Dehradun. He said he could not find anything to eat here that was both healthy and delicious. Then he thought of starting his own business. In 2018, he started ‘The Shawarma King’. Here he put many varieties like Dubai style shawarma roll, Turkish style shawarma roll, cheesy paneer which people liked very much.

Many types of food are served

He says that it is something that even if taken daily, it does not harm health. He said, we have veg and non-veg shawarma. He said that we have many types of salads, meals and kebabs served for gym junkies.

He said, if we talk about shawarma, it was first introduced in Turkey, that’s why Turkish style shawarma roll is very famous all over the world. He said, we have also introduced Dubai style shawarma roll, Turkish style shawarma roll in our restaurant, which people are liking a lot. Shawarma rolls at his restaurant range from ₹180 to ₹250.

Dinesh said, he often comes here with his family. He loves both types of food, be it veg papadi or non-veg papadi. Most like to eat Dubai style shawarma roll.

How to make non-veg shawarma rolls?

He said, non-veg shawarma is made from boneless chicken. After grilling the chicken, it is baked in a pan with onions, chutney and other spices. It is then served with bread. Anyone who eats their shawarma once, definitely comes back to them again.

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