This story is funny as he ‘played’ the farmer who went to contest the elections

New Delhi. The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are underway in the country. Not only big political parties but common people are also testing their luck in this election. A farmer from Vadohi in Uttar Pradesh has also decided to contest the election this time. He had no money in his pocket so he mortgaged his farm. After collecting the money, he reached the collector’s office to submit his nomination. However, this farmer named Karan Shukla can officially enter the election field before that. Game over with him.

In fact, his nomination paper was canceled due to not filling the nomination form properly. The farmer also arrived during the program of News18 India’s popular show ‘Bhaiyya Ji Kahin’ in Vadohi. Karan Shukla works as a watchman in his spare time. He said, he is very worried about inflation in the country. That is why he went to submit his nomination for the Lok Sabha elections.

Played with the farmer…
Karan said, ‘I was going to contest the elections. Even though we contested the election with a farm mortgage, our nomination was cancelled. To be tested. I used to work as a guard outside. It was asked why to contest the election. So he said so much inflation. Bhaiyaji asked about this, will you remove inflation? Karan said that he will convey this matter to Modiji. The question was asked, will you tell this to Modiji by contesting the election? She said yes. Why is injustice being done to people?

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Helping 1200 villages…
Brother ji explained to him why he is wasting money? Pointing to the Congress-BJP candidates present in the show, Karan said, are they all wasting money? It was said that these leaders have a large group. Karan said – this is public money. Why so much inflation? A thing worth one rupee has become three rupees. Bhaiyaji asked him – will you fight in the election? Who is your supporter? He said, my supporters are the people. There are 1200 people in the village.

…so what about the kids?
Pointing to someone he knows, Karan says, check, our brother’s copy has also been cancelled. This happened to 17 people. The brother said, he is also empty and you are also empty. what is your name Deenath Upadhyay. Asked why they upset? Dinanath said, he is not upset. He is contesting elections by mortgaging his farm. Bhaiyaji explained to him what will happen to his children then. But this person did not agree. He said that his aim is to serve the people and later he will release them.

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