This teacher built a wall that helps save people’s lives.

Shivhari Dixit/Hardai, I was walking alone to my destination, people kept joining and a caravan formed. Every new beginning is like that. A single man is fighting against many obstacles and moving forward. Then one by one people started walking with him. This is where the whole picture changes. Hardoi, a teacher from UP himself started donating blood for the needy and now has hundreds of people with him who are always ready to donate blood on a call.

A campaign is being run by Sachin Kumar Mishra, a teacher posted as an assistant teacher in a primary school in Mohanpurwa, Bawan Block, Hardoi, which works to save people’s lives and the campaign is called Neki Ki Diwar. Under this he gives blood. We tell you that teacher Sachin Mishra has saved people’s lives by donating blood almost thirty times.

Thus begins the journey of blood donation
Teacher Sachin Kumar said he first gave blood to his friend’s son when he fell ill and then went outside Hardoi to visit his sick relative in the hospital. Where a helpless poor man was in need of blood. They get so much satisfaction from donating blood that if donating blood saves someone’s life why not do it regularly and without any harm one also feels good. Since then till date he has donated blood about 30 times.

People keep joining and a caravan is formed.
Hardoi’s teacher is not alone to save people’s lives by donating blood, hundreds of people are ready to donate blood with him. Sachin says that initially he used to donate blood alone but gradually more people joined him. Currently the number of people donating blood with them has increased to 267 people, all of different blood groups and the group becomes active and ready to donate blood whenever any needy person needs blood.

Walls of goodness that do not break but connect
As soon as the wall is mentioned, many thoughts come to people’s minds such as the wall collapsing, collapsing, falling down or isolating someone. But this wall of Mars neither divides nor unites people. Started in 2016, this organization aims to help the poor and needy people. Whether donating blood, marrying a poor girl or needing food, clothes, etc., this wall always stands by people. If necessary..

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