This young man is earning lakhs of rupees from the nursery, 300 varieties of flowers can be found here

Gulshan Kashyap/Jamui : If you are planning to start a garden in your house or want to convert the roof into a terrace garden. There is a nursery in Jamui where you will find not one or two but more than 300 varieties of exotic flowers and that too at very low prices.

In fact, a young man in Jamui district is earning lakhs of rupees a year through a nursery and currently has more than 300 varieties of exotic flowers available to him. This young man’s nursery at Singarpur in Jamui district is so famous that its flower seedlings are supplied to five other districts besides Jamui. In fact, Kanishk Kumar, a resident of Singapore, has been running a nursery for the past few years and has a wide variety of exotic flowers available.

Trained in running a nursery from KVK

Kanishk Kumar said that he was looking for some work to run the family. At this time I thought why I did not open a nursery. He then opened a nursery in his home, but did not see much profit in it. After that I thought of training for it. After that he got training in making and maintaining plants by establishing contact with other institutions including Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Then opened a nursery. Gradually people started learning about it and continued researching the plant. He said that native plants are much larger and have fewer flowers. The exotic trees that grow there are very low in height and the flowers that grow on them are very beautiful. With this in mind, he started making exotic flowers. Currently more than 300 varieties of exotic flower seedlings are available.

Income up to Rs.5 lakh per annum

Kanishk said that running a nursery is the main occupation of the family. Along with Kanishk, his colleagues also help in this work. He said, through this, one can earn 5 to 7 lakh taka per year. The flower seedlings produced in this nursery are not only sent to Jamui, but also to places like Bhagalpur, Lakshesrai, Barhia.

Apart from flowers, many other types of plants grow here, which are quite different from ordinary plants. Kanishk has built a nursery behind his house and it is spread over several acres. They have thousands of different types of plants. Kanishk is earning good income through nursery and also doing good work in plant conservation.

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