Two sisters were kidnapped by smugglers, the younger sister acted like the smugglers escaped

Churu Another big case of human trafficking has come to the fore in Churu district. Here the human trafficking gang was planning to kidnap two real sisters from Hanumangarh district and sell them in Kakalsar village. But before that two minor sisters escaped from their grip. Churu’s Child Help Line Team and Valery Police rescued the two minor sisters. These two sisters from Hanumangarh district are eleventh and tenth class students. The Child Helpline team conducted a medical examination of both of them and produced them before the Child Welfare Committee.

During the counseling of Child Helpline, the minor said that she is a resident of a colony in Hanumangarh. His parents are divorced. He lives with his mother. Both of them left for Amritsar by train from Hanumangarh at ten o’clock on Monday morning. His acquaintance Annu is found at Hanumangarh railway station. He told them that he was also going to Amritsar. All three boarded the train. Met Sharda aunty in the train. He feeds the two sisters cake despite their disapproval. Both the sisters fainted.

The two girls were taken to Kaklasar village in Churu district
When he regained consciousness, he was in Kaklasar village of Churu district. There conversations reveal that Sharda aunty was accompanied by Nirmala, Satpal, Pappu and other women. Besides, Annu was present there. They were talking about selling the two sisters. Expecting something unpleasant, the younger sister gave the excuse of a stomach ache. With this they took him to the medical store to get medicine. Her elder sister also went with her. At the medical store, the younger sister shows help messages to the medical store operator on the pretext of showing medicine on her mobile phone.

The shop operator informed the police
In this, the operator of the medical store felt something unpleasant and gave him an excuse to give him an injection. He stopped the two sisters at his shop for a while. Meanwhile, the store operator reported the matter to the police control room and child helpline team. At that time, the members of the bandit ran away from there. Soon after, Valerie’s police and Child Helpline team reached the spot. After that, two minor sisters were rescued and brought to Valeri police station. From there the Child Helpline team took him to the Sakhi Centre.

Traffickers were planning to sell the two sisters.
Both of them have undergone medical examination and counselling. During this time, human traffickers are said to plan to sell the two sisters. Child Helpline District Coordinator Panne Singh said the two minor sisters have been handed over to their families. He was produced before the Child Welfare Committee. SP Jai Yadav said that Valery police is investigating the whole matter. Further action will be taken with the statements of the two sisters.

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