UP: Astounding loan fraud in a reputed bank, CBI can provide major information

(Rangesh Singh). Sonabdra The CBI raided the headquarters of Union Bank of India in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district. This campaign created a sensation in the area. In fact, in a raid conducted in the Robertsganj Kotwali police station area, the CBI caught a bank clerk accepting bribe. On the other hand, the secret of big bank loan fraud is also revealed to him. According to sources, the CBI has seized many records related to the scam. The CBI is examining these records at the circuit house at the bank’s headquarters CBI is constantly interrogating bank employees. It is believed that on September 23, the CBI may make a major leak in this regard.

It has been alleged that the officers and employees of Union Bank have defaulted on a large scale to the people who were the guarantors of the loans. This is revealed when notices from banks reach people’s homes for recovery after the loan period expires. At which the victims lose consciousness. Some people have reportedly approached the CBI with complaints in this regard. After CBI investigation, this fraud was confirmed. CBI’s preliminary investigation has started to reveal information. After this, the CBI lodged an FIR at the Hazratganj police station in Lucknow and started an investigation. Meanwhile, someone complained to the CBI that a bank clerk was demanding bribe in exchange for work. After that, the CBI conducted a raid and caught the clerk red-handed.

CBI is continuously scanning files and investigating.
CBI examines files of alleged large-scale loan fraud. After the move, which lasted from 4 pm to 8 pm on September 22, the CBI took the bank clerk to Circuit House for questioning. However, Ashish Singh, who is heading the CBI team, refused to say anything at the moment when asked about this. He only said that it will be released to the media on September 23. The CBI also called the circuit house to give complete information to the victim’s guarantors.

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