Varanasi: PM Modi meets children of Atal Residential School, watch video

Varanasi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached his parliamentary constituency Banaras on Saturday and gifted several major projects worth Rs 1600 crore. laid the foundation stone of the cricket stadium. During this time PM Modi also met the children of Atal Residential School in Varanasi. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi was also present. The Prime Minister spoke to the children here. Also ask questions. He shared the video on X. She wrote, ‘I see hope, enthusiasm, determination and a lot of energy in these children. It was a pleasure to meet these youngsters studying at Atal Residential School in UP.

The program hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Benares on Saturday included the inauguration of Atal Residential School. Apart from the program, the Prime Minister also interacted with the children here. Children talk openly with PM Modi and ask questions. A child asked, earlier India was not so clean, when you came, cleanliness started…how do you do it? In response to the child, PM Modi said, ‘I don’t do it, you people do it.

Meanwhile, the second girl asks the Prime Minister, do you love your subjects more or your family members? Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “When there is a king, there are subjects, I am the priest of the subjects.” Prime Minister Modi laughed and replied, ‘Yogiji has thought of it. Yogiji kept thinking of something new.

PM Modi shared the video of the dialogue
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared videos of his interaction with children on his Twitter handle. He described the school children as energetic. He also said, ‘Glad to meet these young people studying at Atal Residential School in UP.’

CM Yogi’s dream project
Atal Residential School is Chief Minister Yogi’s dream project. The academic year has started in all schools from September 11 on the instructions of the Chief Minister. Atal schools have been started to provide free education to the children of workers. Children of destitute and registered laborers are getting free education due to corona in 16 mandals.

What is the specialty of Atal Residential School?
16 Atal residential schools have been constructed in the state at a cost of around Rs.1115 crores. These schools have been opened at every departmental level especially for labourers, construction workers and orphan children due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of these schools is to provide quality education and help in the overall development of children. Each school is built on 10-15 acres of land. Apart from classrooms, these schools have playgrounds, recreation areas, a mini auditorium, hostel complex, mess and residential flats for staff. Each of these residential schools will accommodate around 1000 students.

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