Vasundhara Raj’s speech created a stir, mentioning this important event of the Mahabharata

Jaipur. Political speculation is going on about Bashundhara Raj’s role in the Rajasthan assembly elections. Meanwhile, a statement by Bashundhara Raj is the talk of the town. Bashundhara Raje, who was not seen in the BJP’s ‘Parivartan Sankalp Yatra’ since it started in Rajasthan, announced to continue fighting for the rights of every Rajasthani, citing an incident from the Mahabharata. Various meanings are attached to Raj’s statement.

Even after the BJP’s announcement to jointly contest the Rajasthan Assembly elections, Bashundhara Raje is being mentioned repeatedly. Bashundhara Raje, who has been missing since the beginning of the change journey, not only appeared suddenly on Saturday, but also showed a kind of strength. At this time Raje mentioned an incident from Mahabharata. Discussions are going on in the political circles about what purpose and about whom he said this.

Expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
In fact, Bashundhara Raje expressed her gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Nari Shakti Bandan Act as she hosted a Raksha Sutra function at her residence in the capital Jaipur on Saturday. At this time a large number of women from across the state gathered at the residence of Bashundhara Raj. Raje cites an incident from the Mahabharata after tying the Raksha Sutras of women from all over the state at the government residence.

In God’s house there is delay but no darkness
Vasundhara Raje says that while cutting Krishna’s finger in Mahabharata, Draupadi tore her sari and tied it to Krishna’s finger. Krishna also saved him from the Kauravas. Raje said I will also serve you with the inspiration of Krishna and continue to fight for the rights of every Rajasthani. The former chief minister said that this thread should be tied only by one who follows the religion of this thread like Lord Krishna. Raje said, God’s house is late but not dark. Much meaning is now being inferred from this statement of Bashundhara Raj.

Raje said – this is a protection for me
Raje did not stop there but also said that he is not going anywhere from Rajasthan. He said, seeing the enthusiasm of the women present here, it is certain that this influx of women power will topple the anti-women Congress government in Rajasthan. He said that the Raksha Sutra is a raw thread, but it is strong and unbreakable. It’s a security blanket for me. It has the strength of all the women of Rajasthan which will give me the courage to overcome every difficulty. Will continue to inspire to serve the people of the state.

This speech of Raj is important in many ways.
However, the party saw Bashundhara Raj’s statement as harassment of women in Rajasthan. BJP state president CP Joshi said women’s power has gathered to topple the Congress government. It is worth noting that everyone knows what happened to Draupadi in the Mahabharata during the Dwapara period and how Lord Krishna saved her. But in the present era, when there are speculations about the end of Bashundhara Raj’s politics, his statement is important in many ways.

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