Viral Video: Man Throws Bug In Web, Spider Attacks, What Happens Next Will Be Shocking!

Whenever children watch superhero films, they are so inspired by them that they start becoming superheroes themselves. He feels the same way when watching Spiderman. Many children wait for a spider to bite them and start walking on the wall. It may seem like a small thing when you think about it, but a spider bite can be dangerous. If you want to get a deeper understanding of how dangerous a spider is, watch this viral video of a spider (Spider Attack Bug Viral Video) attacking its victim and leaving it in a bad state.

Twitter account @crazyclipsonly often posts shocking videos. Recently, this account shared a similar video (Spider Wrap Bug in Web Video) in which a person throws a bug into a spider’s web. After seeing what that spider does, you will surely shudder and realize how dangerous it is.

The spider caught the insect in its web
In the viral video, you can see a man holding a yellow insect in his hand which is probably dead. It’s a June bug. He throws the insect into the spider web causing it to get stuck in the web. After this the spider immediately becomes active and attacks the insect. He pulls out the net from inside and wraps it in a few seconds so that the insect has nowhere to go and dies of suffocation. In the end he turned her to stone.

The video is going viral
This video has received more than 34 lakh views and many have responded by commenting. One said that the spider wasted no time in packing the insect. When one said he was packing food. One said, nature is also a wonderful thing.

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