Water test is coming in house drain, apply like this, read full news

Mohan Dhakale/Burhanpur. You can have the water tested in your home. This requires taking home tap water to a lab and filling out a invoice, after which your home water will be tested. 15 types of water will be tested, the report of which will be presented by the department. Block level drinking water training will be conducted in the district in the Public Health Engineering Department laboratory for just Rs.1550.

Drinking water and water from household drains can be tested in this lab. So that no one can drink any contaminated water. There is a risk of spreading diseases by drinking contaminated water. Stomach problems are most aggravated by drinking contaminated water, so now people are also becoming aware and doing lab tests. For this, people come to this lab for testing. The water test report from this lab is available within one day.

There are 15 types of water tests
Bhupendra Zadia, micro manager of the lab, said that water is tested in the lab. It tests 15 properties, including pH, turbidity, total dissolved salts, calcium hydanase, magnesium hydanase, alkalinity, fluoride, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, oxalic, iron, manganese, total coliform, E. coli or Tholetolast Invest. .

Farmers and traders also experimented
Most of the farmers are wondering if their crops are getting proper water in their fields. For this, the water should be tested once a year. So, the same businessmen also test their water to ensure that the correct water is being used in their establishments.

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