What happened to the children of Britain? 5 dead, infection spreading rapidly due to covid

New Delhi. Britain, who rules the world, is currently troubled by pertussis spreading rapidly in her country. So far this year, 2,793 cases have been confirmed in England. So far, the death of five children has been confirmed due to this disease. A sixth child has also been reported dead, which has yet to be officially confirmed. Whooping cough is said to have a bad effect on young children. Its symptoms are usually mild in older children and adults.

How dangerous whooping cough is can be gauged from the fact that an estimated 2.4 million cases of whooping cough are reported worldwide every year, of which about 1.6 lakh die. Whooping cough is caused by a bacterium called Bordetella pertussis. Pertussis often begins like other respiratory infections, with runny nose and fever as the main symptoms. Whooping cough may occur a week or two after a cough. But this is not the case in all cases.

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The infection spreads faster than covid
Experts say whooping cough spreads very quickly. On average, one case of pertussis can spread the infection to 15-17 other people. This infection rate is similar to measles and higher than the covid variant. The effects of a whooping cough infection last up to five weeks. Early treatment can greatly reduce the spread of whooping cough. Antibiotics are able to reduce the infection after only five days of starting treatment, but there is still a good chance that the outbreak will continue before treatment. Both confirmed and asymptomatic cases may be responsible for further spread of whooping cough.

In 2016 there was an outbreak…
Why has the case increased? A peculiar aspect of whooping cough is that major outbreaks usually occur every few years. The last major outbreak in the UK was in 2016, with around 6,000 confirmed cases. The reasons for these cycles are not fully understood, but a major factor is likely to be reduced immunity at the population level. Immunity to pertussis vaccine is initially very protective, but declines several years after primary vaccination. This is why continued high vaccination rates throughout the population are important.

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