Why is the airplane window small? Why are goals scored, know this interesting fact

If you’re traveling on a plane, you might be wondering if you had bigger windows so the view would be better. Gets natural light. But you must have noticed that airplane windows are always kept small. Ever wondered why they are kept small? Why are they scored? Answered by an aviation expert.

We all know that airplanes fly above 10,000 feet. Where cabin pressure and temperature changes are very high. Although the structure of the plane is quite strong. They are designed in such a way that bird strikes or small debris do not cause any damage to them. But keeping the windows relatively small increases their strength and ability to withstand such events.

The strain will rise
As SimpleFlying reports, the plane’s windows are part of the fuselage. If they are enlarged, the structure of the plane will be weakened. Large windows disrupt the smooth flow of air over the aircraft surface, which will cause drag and reduce performance. Even if a small foreign object hits it, it can cause a lot of damage. The small size of aircraft windows allows for effective sealing. This ensures that the aircraft cabin is pressurized. It maintains the safety of passengers. Some modern aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, are beginning to come with larger windows.

This is the reason for rounding the window
Now to answer the second question. The windows are rounded because the pressure is uniform throughout the plane. Round windows have been used in aircraft for over 70 years. But it was not like that before. The design caused two accidents on the initial day. When airplanes started flying at high altitudes in the 1940s, round windows were developed.

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