With 100 varieties of Veg Momos available at this shop, the magic of flavors continues since 2015.

Hina Azmi/Dehradun. There was a time when the people of Dehradun could eat only one type of momo. But today many places in Dehradun are serving many kinds of momos but many are pure vegetarian. They avoid eating anything outside but for such people we are going to tell you the address of such a shop. Where 100 pure vegetarian delicious momos are available.

Many types of momos are served here including Afghani Momo, Achari Momo, Kurkure Momo, Hariyali Momo. Angeethi Momo Restaurant in Nehru Colony, Dehradun has been making its way into people’s hearts since 2015 due to its exquisite taste.

People are attracted to smell

If the people of the ‘City of Love’ Dehradun love anyone the most, it’s Momo. Yes, the people of Dehradun love momos a lot. Why not, the thing about momo here is that if momo is made anywhere and a person passes by, then people are forced to come alone to smell it.

Tandoori flavored momos are available.

Outsiders also love the street food of Dehradun, but most people prefer momos here. There are many types of momos made in many places in Dehradun, but today we are going to tell you about a shop where you can enjoy many flavors of momos with tandoor aroma. We are talking about Anjethi Momo from Dehradun.

People flock here for momos from this restaurant in Dharampur, Dehradun. If we talk about Angethi restaurant, here you will find many types of momos like tandoori momos, cheese momos, afghani momos, achari momos, paneer momos, masala malai momos, malai paneer momos.

The restaurant opened in 2015

Gaurav, the owner of Angethi Restaurant, said that he started this restaurant in 2015, where he started serving people tandoori momos. As people liked it, they experimented to make different varieties of it and started making many kinds of momos. People love it so much that people come here not only from Dehradun but also from other states like Dehradun, hilly states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

South Indian disease is also found

He said that Chinese, North Indian and South Indian food is available at his place but his specialty is tandoori flavor i.e. tandoori momo which is demanded by most people. Manish who came here said that he has been eating momos from this shop ever since it opened. He said that as a child he used to come here to eat wax with his school friends and now he comes here to hang out with his college friends as he finds the taste here different from others.

Abhinav, who came here to taste the Afghan momos, said that he too has been eating momos here for a long time. He said he likes Afghan momos and malai chapa here. He says that here he gets pure vegetarian and different types of delicious momos.

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